Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Last Tear Will Fall

First there comes that overwelming emotion
that no-one ever reallys wants to feel, once
someone has something that hurt so deep it
feels like you've been split in two halfs.

Could you ever say it was really worth pushing
her away?! I shouldn't be there in the back of
your mind, when you need me the most i wont be
there and when i need you the most i wont be there.

You've made my heart turn black for the last time,
My bones have broken and and the tears have
Fallen. It hurts to breath everytime
your not next to me, but thats the the price you made me pay.
I wish you would say your dead inside like me.

I wanted more then this, i just couldn't tell you, i needed more
then you could give and i guess i got what i deserved. This pain
just wont stop. Make it stop. Just make it go away, make it END.

If being friends is all i can have i guess ill have to live with that
even though it's not what i want! Im who i really am when im with

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