Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Funk

Everyone slips into the funk once in a while
This deep dark hole where you have no idea how far you have fallen
This funk is like the deadly disease cancer which take over your mind and then sooner or later your body.

at the end of the day you know you only want to crawl in your bed and be surrounded by
nothing but you deep dark endless thoughts.
The funk, the whole that rules your world until further notice.
IT gives you that deep dark damp feeling through your bones
where sometimes you think you cant go on.
The funk, and endless trap of darkness until you see that tiny shimmer of light and you
reach for it.
The funk that endless shadow that is hanging over your head and seems to never go away It's that place in the dark when you have your head under the cover and you never want to come out.
The Funk your deepest darkest fear.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Happiness is just outside of my window.
Or Is happiness a little more like knockin on my door
Well happiness feels like alot like sorrow but i tell myself to let it go.
Happiness was never mine to hold like firecrackers on my headbord
You say be myself and think of no other, can this be me?
My mind is made up and the girls is gone, I think im on my way
It hurts to live today.
Iv been waiting here so long, i see the black cloads coming around again
When i loose myself i think of you, Happines.
I see the smile, and hear the laugh once and awhile and i remember
Its not just a dream.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Lifetime

Sweet smiles, sweet dreams
Something I wish I had
The voice of readings is calm
I bring myself to the pleasures of the touch
and sweetness of what he brings.
The current pain had weighed me down long enough
Difficulty with feelings and emotions are slowly drifting.
I wake up in the morning and wonder why you dont think im
something better.
There is once in a lifetime and once in a while the differance between the
two is about a million miles.
He can hold any girl he likes, and fall in love at night but when he wakes in the morning he wonders why.
I hold on to what i have left of him, and what could have been.
Im looking for the distance when i might take the mile and leave it be
Which at this point i feel will never come, and never leave.
I was counting on forever but now i know.
Today i stand with a smile but who knows if that smile will remain until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the Grass Is Green

Oh, i once had something Something that was so good, Better than the last thing i touched Then I turned right around on that something And figured i didn't like that much
The grass is green but can you tell me, can you feel it, i just wanna feel it.
The grass is green But i think i stained my jeans and now everybody knows that i been in it
I am a believer But as i was standing In line, somebody took my place Yes, i'm a believer, never mind what they say I got so tired along the way
The grass is green But can you tell me, can you feel it, i just wanna feel it? the grass is green But i think i stained my jeans and now everybody knows thah i been in it
I've got a skeleton that's deeper than any closet And a bomb that i will drop on it But you opened up to me Til i could only see the beauty in your dishonesty.
The grass is green But can you tell me, can you feel it, you just wanna feel it.
The grass is green But it think i stained my jeans and now, baby, you can tell that i been in it
The grass is green but it's not what it seems cause when you think You want it you just need it Forget just what you need