Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Lifetime

Sweet smiles, sweet dreams
Something I wish I had
The voice of readings is calm
I bring myself to the pleasures of the touch
and sweetness of what he brings.
The current pain had weighed me down long enough
Difficulty with feelings and emotions are slowly drifting.
I wake up in the morning and wonder why you dont think im
something better.
There is once in a lifetime and once in a while the differance between the
two is about a million miles.
He can hold any girl he likes, and fall in love at night but when he wakes in the morning he wonders why.
I hold on to what i have left of him, and what could have been.
Im looking for the distance when i might take the mile and leave it be
Which at this point i feel will never come, and never leave.
I was counting on forever but now i know.
Today i stand with a smile but who knows if that smile will remain until tomorrow.

1 comment:

Rex Venom said...

Sometimes the Smile is all that there is.
Rock on!