Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Funk

Everyone slips into the funk once in a while
This deep dark hole where you have no idea how far you have fallen
This funk is like the deadly disease cancer which take over your mind and then sooner or later your body.

at the end of the day you know you only want to crawl in your bed and be surrounded by
nothing but you deep dark endless thoughts.
The funk, the whole that rules your world until further notice.
IT gives you that deep dark damp feeling through your bones
where sometimes you think you cant go on.
The funk, and endless trap of darkness until you see that tiny shimmer of light and you
reach for it.
The funk that endless shadow that is hanging over your head and seems to never go away It's that place in the dark when you have your head under the cover and you never want to come out.
The Funk your deepest darkest fear.

1 comment:

Rex Venom said...

Who are you trying to kid? You never want to crawl into YOUR bed! hahah
(hee hee?)
Please cheer up. Things will get better. Things will get worse, too. But such is life. The trick is you have to Live it!
The good days and the Funky ones.
Rock on!