Monday, June 30, 2008

Island Of Wonder

The man wrinkles his face but it's already wornThe coffee is sour and the shirt is torn But the smile is bigger then the atlantic sea, and it happends to bring out the atlantis in me! Island of wonder where do you come from Is it the way the sun hits my face or is it your memory which i cannot trace
And the church bell dongs a remarkable song and i swallow the salt, as i hum along The women she laughs as i pass her by in a patch work i left behind island of wonder, where do you come from?
Look at me i have so much pride I took my shoes off i ran i did not hide Look at me i have so much pride i will give me dowry for the prize Island of Wonder Where are you going Nobody knows it but it is snowing in the hearts and minds of every kind of Universe
Every kind of universe

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