Monday, May 10, 2010


I'm mad at you, i regret it.

Yesterday was a day of thought, pain and regret
to remeber something i will never forgive myself for.

Things have changed, not for the better. Someone I loved so much
brings anger and rage to my heart.

Filled with hate and bitterness.
To be alone in this life is an eternity of pain not pleasure.

To be with one who doesn't care, but to blaim would be a sin.
The trench that has been dug has been dug to deep to climb out would be impossible.
With no one to save me, not even a soul.

Everything that I've done including the good has gotten me nowhere.
To blaim you for not wanting to be with me, or a friend I do not.

The thought of what could have been wonders my thoughts each and every day,
I wish it to stop I really do, but it wont.

The nightmare, the cold sweats, the screaming. It hurts so much, the regret hurts.

Yesterday was a celebration of mothers, I praise my mom for being herself. But yesterday was a bitter day for me..for commiting such an awful decision. I was angery.

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