Monday, December 28, 2009

A Women

I am a women and the women who bring the brightness when one thinks there should no be.
I am a women!

That women is I.
I am the one who smiles when talked to, laughs when it's needed.
This women that Is I may not seem so fragile and need caring for.

Iam the women who with standed cracks and rough hands, but has
managed to take the rough hands and make them into something
that when the touch us made It feels like Silk and Satin.

I am the women you see each day with a smile on her face and carry's the weight of a hundred men on her shoulders.

I am a women who walks Stride by Stride. I am a women who thinks quietly or not at all.


Rex Venom said...

Do I get to hear you Roar?
Rock on!

ozymandiaz said...

glad to know SOMEONE is able to carry that weight
not suprised it is a woman