Monday, January 4, 2010

Mondays Moments

Today I sit and wait, wait for something good. Tonight i dream of what will or wish to happen.
To feel someone touch and hear there laughteror to just see them smile, and know that they care.
To feel the tenderness and closeness in ones arms.There's moments in time in which i would like to stopand hold it there forever.

The silance and knowingness of ones true natureThe sense of overwhelming calmness when one is near.
One who wishes to love and care for another, but fears it is impossible for the other.
I love you in ways that seem like they could be impossible, and you love me in ways you could not imagine. Tomorrow i will sit and wait, wait for something good to come around my way.

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Rex Venom said...

Sweet words. Dreaming thoughts. Nice pics.
Rock on!