Monday, January 11, 2010

Bloody Mondays

I feel masked by something i fear.
Dirty, with dark thoughts.
sometimes disgusted by my own exsistance.
Terrorized by my own thoughts, Dark changes, no soft touches, kisses.
Secrets kept from someone with such thought.
Darkness fills my mind. The blood boils when hurtful words and unspoken thoughts from one do not sound so thoughful.

Who am i? Where am i sapose to be? who am i sapose to be.Pain is what i feel, regret is what i feel So many mistakes.
I feel like screaming out. Yelling at the top of my lungs that your are wrong, wrong about everything ..cant anyone see i cry bloody tears for you and ever


Rex Venom said...

I hear what you are saying. And I know that things can look bleak.
But you are amazing.
Don't let the shit get you down!
Rock on!

Don said...

Mistakes, I have made a few. Even at my age, I still make them. But you know something, no one is perfect. No matter what they might say to you. No matter what, they are far from perfect either. I think that others can be spiteful just because thy are lacking something within themself that they see in you. I know that there are those thyat would judge me in a certain way, thinking and saying certain things that just aren't true.
What am I trying to say? Well the only opinion that really matters is yours and those very few, and special people that you truly let into your life.
Sometimes things do feel black. But I have learned that things do eventually get better, in one way or another. Patience is a wonderful thing, and time is thebest vengeance

Pandalicious said...

Awww thanks guys, sometimes i am a truley amazing person but....there are time when i feel dark. But the only way to solve that problem i guess is to have friends like you!